A Word From Bob

September 19, 2019

I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide everyone with a brief update on many of Redwood Residential’s accomplishments thus far this year. For example, in January, we began the year with six properties: Southwind Village and Hampshire Hills Apartments in Minnesota; Brook Hill and Woodlake Apartments in Illinois; Edgewater Apartments in Lake Jackson, Texas; and Bradley Park in Cumming, Georgia. Today, we currently manage fourteen properties! That is a 133% growth rate in just over eight months. My reaction is one of appreciation for every member of the Redwood Family that “pitched-in” to help us achieve this terrific result. “Simply Amazing!”

When individuals ask me how we are able to grow at such a rapid rate, my response is: “It’s Redwood’s Team!” and the next questions that I am generally asked is, ‘how do you do top that’ or ‘what’s next?’ My response is, Our team focuses on three things: execution, teamwork, and the very next opportunity to “add value.” This focus is taking Redwood Residential to the next level.

So, what is the next level? What does the future hold? If I had to use one word to describe what’s next or what the future holds, it would be “opportunity.” Redwood Residential opportunities include:

  • Assuming additional property management assignments in Illinois: Stratford Green in Bloomington, Illinois; and Deer Park Crossing in Deer Park, Illinois.
  • Refining what we do every day. We accomplish this by listening to our customers, studying the market, identifying trends within and outside of our industry, and partnering with industry experts to bring “Best-in-class” products to market.
  • Redwood Residential’s National Purchasing Program kicked-off in April and is ramping up to fully deploy a full line of products by October 2019, allowing Redwood teams, in many cases, to purchase from current vendors at a 5% to 7% discount to our current pricing.
  • Growth creates internal career opportunities. As we add properties to our portfolio, Redwood has an increasing demand at every level.

In closing, I want to express:

  • My thanks to each of you for the hard work and dedication you have each put into every day to make Redwood Residential Apartment Communities a place everyone is proud to call home.
  • My excitement for Redwood Residential’s future. A future that is “brighter” because each of you is committed to execution, teamwork, and value first for all those we serve.


Bob Hanrahan