Meet Our Leaders

Intentional Strategies.
Empowered Associates.
Deliberate Collaboration.

Our leaders in operations, accounting, asset management, human resources, training, marketing, technology and support implement intentional strategies and systems that directly benefit our residents, investors and employees. We are committed to supporting each other in order to ensure the company’s success.

Steve Matre

Senior VP of Property Management Operations

Sarah Kolkman

Regional Manager

Lyndsey Leon

Regional Manager

Sharon Donley

Regional Manager

Demetrius Rodriguez

Regional Facilities Manager

Tamika Stewart

Director of Marketing

Jon Sladek

Director of Business Systems and Innovation

Emily Shoemaker

Human Resources Manager

Neymie Maldonado

Transitions Associate & Interim Manager

Cody Winer

Portfolio Operations Analyst

Stephanie Cousineau

Associate – Systems Support Specialist

Michelle Sanders

Systems Specialist – Vendor Management and Procurement